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There are a lot of legal chambers specialising in business law in Wrocław. Sill there are only a few ones which can be trusted. Get to know why it is worth co-operating with us.

There are a number of elements which good legal services are based on. They include: comfortable communication, dynamic approach to deal with issues, availability. And staff qualifications are the most important. A team of operative, experienced and energetic of lawyers, fully engaged in ongoing cases and guided by the interests of clients in all their aspects ensures the maximal protection of these interests.

Team power
Even the best lawyer is not able to provide reliable legal services if he / she works alone. In ZKZ all the cases are analyses by the whole team and everyone can provide valuable remarks on the grounds of his / her specialty.
Experience and modernity
Our chamber team is composed of both highly experienced lawyers with long experience in the profession as well as young energetic law graduates of law studies and legal internships who are acquainted with technological novelties (electronic admonition proceedings, court information portals). This combination results in that the Chamber deals with cases in a highly efficient and fast-paced manner.
Highest qualifications
For the sake of the interests of our clients we raise our qualifications on a regular basis. Lawyers from ZKZ Legal Chamber take part in legal internships, defend their doctoral thesis in law and attend post-graduate studies.
Comfortable communication
Communication with Clients is held in the manner which is the most convenient for them: by phone, traditionally, by e-mail, through instant messaging, Skype, fax, text messages.
The chamber office is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. But regular customers get mobile phone numbers for lawyers taking care of their affairs. Therefore, in cases of urgency they may seek specialised advice at any time. In addition, if necessary, we are on duty at clients' premises.
Provision of services in foreign languages
As more and more cross-border contracts have been concluded nowadays, the provision of legal services in foreign languages is very important for business entities. As a standard we render our services in Polish, English and German. If necessary, also in other languages.



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