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The entrepreneur acting in a form of a company under the commercial law should be aware of the fact that most of activities undertaken in business bring about certain tax effects. Starting up a business one should consider its proper form not only from the point of view of the industry in which the entrepreneur acts, but also from the point of view of taxes, which will have to be paid due to generated revenue. Any steps towards the restructuring of existing company are not of little importance in terms of tax.

The presence of a trusted tax advisor is needed already at the stage of starting up a company under commercial law.


In time, and with the development of business, restructuring seems indispensable, which in turn brings about tax effects.


Transformations, mergers, divisions, disposal of assets- bring about certain tax effects not only to the companies but also to their partners. 


Also, every instance of making contribution in kind, irrespective whether it is a sole tradership or a capital company, should lead to the analysis whether and in what scope there is the need to impose VAT on such a transaction.


Additionally, the assets being the subject of division or contribution in kind should undergo in-depth tax analysis. In particular, one should check whether it constitutes an organised part of the entrepreneurship in view of tax provisions, since on it depend the effects of undertaken activities.


Our offer, apart from legal aid during company’s restructuring, covers also tax advisory services. Very often undertaking certain restructuring activities depends on tax effects, which they bring about. We always attempt at finding such solutions, which are optimal to the entrepreneur.

Establishing a commercial law company
Transformations, mergers, divisions, liqudation
Contributions in kind and VAT
Organised part of the entrepreneurship



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