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The report on conducted mistakes or omissions by the entrepreneur may not only be the result of tax audit. The tax audit constitutes a good opportunity to indicate the fields of possible tax optimisation as well.

Fundamentally, the result of an audit carried out is the summary of entrepreneur’s activities in the scope of correctness of their public settlements. The audit, above all, serves as the assessment whether tax effects assigned to given economic activities are correct.


Frequently, the consequence of the verification of tax settlements carried out by our law firm is a necessity to introduce relevant adjustments to taxes, in which our clients are supported.


Carrying out tax audit, we also strive at indicating to our clients the fields of possible optimisation activities and also in this scope the entrepreneur may count on our aid in undertaking relevant activities, aiming at the recovery of overpaid taxes. 


We carry out tax audits in the area of taxes chosen by the client, and also, at client’s request, we carry out controls of specific fields of entrepreneur's activity generating certain tax risk (for example: tax on additional fringe benefits, representation, advertising.

Tax audit-pointing out identifield risk
Tax audit-pointing out fields of optimisation
Review of specific tax titles
Review of chosen activities of the entrepreneur



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