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Representation before tax authorities and administrative courts. Running the enterprise requires huge engagement. If you have to additionally spend your precious time on contacts with tax offices, and what is not uncommon, enter into disputes with them, instead of concentrate on business development, you should consider our offer. Time is money.

Running a business is related to maintaining regular contacts with tax authorities.


Currently, entrepreneurs often have to undergo in-depth tax controls, or are faced with instituted tax proceedings against them.


Due to complex and intricate tax law regulations it is difficult to run a business without the tax risk related to undertaking certain economic activities. Because of that, disputes between tax payers and tax offices are not uncommon.


You do not have to always agree with the decisions made by officials.


Thus, taking advantage of our services you can count on our support in such areas as:

  • representation during tax and control proceedings carried out by tax authorities,
  • representation before Voivodeship administrative courts,
  • drafting cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • preparing enquiries to the Minister of Finances concerning individual interpretations,
  • rendering aid during the recovery of overpaid taxes.
Ongoing contact with tax authorities
Representation of the taxpayer before tax authorities
Representation of the taxpayer before administrative courts
Conducting proceedings concerning motions for interpretation
Recovering overpaid taxes



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