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Spending public funds for supplies, services and works are comprehensively and accurately regulated by legal provisions. Adequate knowledge of legal regulations enables ordering business entities to run tenders and other types of proceedings effectively without any threat of invalidating their selections or selecting unreliable contractors. On the other hand, it guarantees contractors to be freed from any risks of being excluded from proceedings and - when needed - enables them to apply appealing measures.

Public procurement law regulates procedures on public spending for supplies, services and works. Business entities managing these means are required to select contractors through one of the procedures provided by the act, namely:

  • unlimited tender,
  • limited tender,
  • negotiation with publication,
  • competitive dialogue,
  • negotiation without publication,
  • direct orders,
  • requests for quotation,
  • electronic bidding.
Support for both ordering business entities and contractors
Legal support provided in the scope of all modes of proceedings
Ongoing consultation and preparation of reviews
Appeal and litigation proceedings



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