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A conscious taxpayer is a person who uses available legal instruments with the aim of lowering their tax liabilities. In the myriad of complex and unclear tax regulations, independent tax optimisation is practically impossible for most of the entities. A safe and effective way is resorting to specialists’ help.

No provisions of law imposes an obligation on the taxpayer to undertake such an activity, which would lead to the creation of tax burdens in a possibly highest manner.


If the law leaves the taxpayer with a choice, among legal instruments, to undertake certain measures of which each of them will lead to different tax effects, then the choice of the most favourable tax solution must not be treated as tax law evasion.


The entrepreneur should think about tax optimisation at every level of business management, i.e..:

  •  starting from its commencement (the choice of a legal form optimal in terms of tax and business),
  •  during its ongoing activity (for example: the choice of depreciation method, settlement period, tax year, simplified method of advances),
  •  and in time, also, carrying out due restructuring in their entrepreneurship, which naturally follows from properly developing business.


The offer of the Law Firm ZKZ in this scope includes:

  •  building optimum tax structures,
  •  providing legal advisory services in restructuring activities,
  •  ongoing optimisation of tax burdens.
The presence of a trusted advisor when tax planning
Tax optimisation is not tax law evasion
Tax optimisation as a regular aspect of the business run



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