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Insurance law has been one of the most dynamically developing fields of civil law. It is derived from the present tendency to broaden the scope of compulsory insurances and the growing popularity of voluntary insurances (including against non-standard risks).

With our vast experience in the field of insurance law, ZKZ Legal Chamber may provide its clients with a wide range of services such as:

  • consultancy in the scope of conclusion of insurance contracts,
  • consultancy provided to business entities obliged to conclude third party insurance contracts,
  • construction and reviewing of general terms / conditions of insurance contracts,
  • comprehensive conduct in the scope of compensations at their pre-procedural and procedural stage (including representation in front of courts of all instances),
  • claiming compensations from the Insurance Guarantee Fund in case of a failure to find a perpetrator who has made damage,
  • preparation and development of complaints against the operation of insurers submitted to the Insurance Ombudsman and the Financial Supervision Commission,
  • consultancy provided to business entities running insurance operations,

consultancy provided to business entities running agency operations on behalf of insurers.

Consultancy in the scope of business insurances
Reviewing of insurance contracts
Assertion of claims under insurance policies



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