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ZKZ Legal Chamber provides comprehensive services in the scope of debt collection and recovery. These services include: pre-litigation debt collection, litigation proceedings through all modes of legal actions, enforcement proceedings and enforcement of debt collection through bankruptcy proceedings.

Pre-litigation debt collection includes, among others, negotiations with debtors, telephone debt collection and securing of repayment sources and methods. Litigation proceedings include all types of legal proceedings, enforcement-warrant proceedings and fraudulent conveyance (Actio Pauliana). Enforcement proceedings include, among others, searching for debtor's assets, proceedings based on adverse claims or verification of division plan on amounts obtained from enforcement proceedings. Assertion of claims in bankruptcy proceedings includes, among others, filing petitions for debtor's bankruptcy, attending creditors' meetings, board of creditors and verification of distribution of bankruptcy estates.

Pre-litigation debt collection
Litigation proceedings (obtaining an enforcement order)
Enforcement proceedings
Assertion of claims in bankruptcy proceedings



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