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A business entity performing road carriages and engaging a driver must check beforehand whether a potential driver candidate meets the requirements set by the regulations of the Act on road transport. Simultaneously the Act imposes a series of obligations related to engagement, duration and termination of such employment relations onto employers. Heavy fines are the sanction for breaching these obligations.

According to the settled jurisdiction, carriages for own needs, in line with article 4, point 3, letter A of the Act on road transport, can only be performed if a person driving a controlled vehicle is employed by the business entity on the day of control, so it is required to conclude a contract of employment (not a civil agreement) with the employee. The place at which he / she is ordered to perform a task (carriage) and at which he / she is directed to execute the task is considered to be the place of performance of work. Under current law the employer is obliged to pay allowances to drivers who are on a business trip.

A definition of employee
Conditions of employment of drivers in road transport
A driver on a business trip
Allowances for drivers



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