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Road Transport Inspection Authority (ITD) is the body exercising control in the scope of abidance with regulations on road transport made by car vehicles and with traffic law as well as the regularity of electronic toll payments for driving car vehicles at national roads (as comprehended by the Act - Law on road traffic).

The rights and obligations of Inspector and an inspected entity are defined in the Act on road transport. While conducting a road inspection Inspector is entitled to impose and collect fines in the form of penalty tickets. No fines exceeding 15 000 PLN may be imposed during any single road inspection (regardless of who is a party to such administrative proceedings). Inspector draws up a report on conducted inspection operations to which an inspected entity may raise objections. The results of inspections are used to formulate conclusions to initiate administrative proceedings to withdraw road transport entitlements, criminal or penal-fiscal proceedings, in cases of offenses, by the State Labour Inspectorate or under international agreements in reference to foreign business entities.

Role of the Road Transport Inspection Authority
Control reports issued by the Road Transport Inspection Authority
Objections to control reports issued by Road Transport Inspection Authority
Level of fines



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