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Commercial arbitration allows traders to resolve disputes by arbitrators appointed by them according to their individually-selected principles and procedures. Lawyers from ZKZ Legal Chamber act as representatives of parties in arbitration proceedings. At the request of parties they also act as arbitrators.


ZKZ Legal Chamber provides services in the scope of representation and acting as a proxy in front of arbitration courts (both permanent and ad hoc). It applies to national (SAKIG, LEWIATAN) and international (ICC) courts. Furthermore, the chamber provides consultancy services in the scope of submission of disputes to be resolved by arbitration courts by compromise and in the range of placement and edition of arbitration clauses in commercial agreements and contracts of companies / other entities. At the request of parties, lawyers from ZKZ Legal Chamber also act as arbitrators in cases submitted to them for resolution.

Preparation and development of arbitration clauses or compromises
Representation of parties in front of arbitration courts
Acting as arbitrators in commercial disputes



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